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Newmans Geotechnique Inc. (NGI)

Previous Projects

Ground freezing consultant, AREVA Resources

Consultant on various in-house ground freezing projects related to new ore zone mining strategies.

Ground freezing consultant, Hatch Mott McDonald

Consultant involved in pre-feasibility study for shaft sinking in a coastal area subject to tidal flows.

Ground freezing consultant for two 1100m Mosaic Potash Mine Shafts

Responsible for feasibility, core recovery and sampling, detailed shaft freezing design (geothermal and mechanical). Also part of the shaft liner design and constructability team.

Ground freezing consultant for the cross-passage tunnels, Hudson River, New York City

Responsible for feasibility and preliminary design for *** Joint Venture Bid, Cross-Passage Tunnel Freezing Program, Hudson River, New York City, USA.

McArthur River Mine Underground Freezing Program

Designed, developed, and implemented a system to drill and ground freeze an ore-body in an underground uranium mine with pore-water pressures in excess of 60 bar (850 psi). This included designing blow out prevention systems for drilling freeze holes in unconsolidated ground, fractured rock, and squeezing clays.

Ground Freezing for Crown Pillar Recovery Support in Underground Mine

Responsible for feasibility freeze design to stabilize clay ground in crown pillar above a near surface mine prior to underground ore recovery.

Ground freezing consultant, Layne Christensen Corporation

Consultant providing advanced numerical analysis of various Layne Ground Freezing projects in North America.

Various Related Ground Freezing Consultancies (2001-2007)

Expert services on ground freezing design, analysis and implementation were provided to various clients including Shell Oil US, IMC, Geo-Engineers, Cematrix, Mueser Rutledge, Shepherd Miller, SRK, Cogema Resources, Golder Associates.