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Newmans Geotechnique Inc. (NGI)

Artificial ground freezing (AGF) is typically used for ground water control and stability enhancement in support of shaft excavation,  tunneling, and more recently, underground mining.

Newmans Geotechnique Inc. (NGI) is one of very few companies world-wide that specialize in ground freezing engineering for mining and civil projects.  Our engineers will  work with you from the conceptualization and feasibility stages, through to construction and performance monitoring and ultimately the thawing of the ground following project completion.   We have been involved in ground freezing since the early 1990's and have held key design and management positions in many projects since then.

Ground freezing can be an effective solution for water and stability control, but it can also be expensive to implement with the largest cost often being  associated with drilling the holes to house the freeze pipes.  Our business does not depend on profits derived from drilling holes.    Our business is to determine if ground freezing is a technically and economically viable option for your particular project.   Our focus is to design the safest, most efficient and most economical system. 

Newmans GeotechniqueWe use the latest in 2D and 3D finite element software technology to analyse ground freezing and ground stability.  We have developed models to couple heat and water flow during freezing, and strength parameters to temperature, stress and water pressure under static and time dependent deformations (e.g. creep).

We invite you to contact us if you have questions about whether ground freezing would be appropriate for your project or about ground freezing in general.