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Newmans Geotechnique Inc. (NGI)

Performance Monitoring

NGI has been involved in many projects where monitoring and calibration of active freezing performance revealed unexpected processes - such as non closure of the freeze wall due to flowing water, detection of previously unaccounted for heat sources, malfunction of freeze pipes due to operator error. This is a critical stage of a freeze project. 

Our philosophy is that there must be no observed behavior that remains unexplained. We don't like surprises - bad or good. Good surprises are nice in that there are typically no down sides.  However, even a good surprise reveals that some aspects of the operating system are not fully understood which means there remains higher risk for future bad news. The bottom line is that we monitor the data very carefully and make continual comparisons with anticipated behavior. If we can't explain an observation we keep investigating.


Temperature Trends   photo credit: Cameco Corporation
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