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Newmans Geotechnique Inc. (NGI)

Detailed Design

During the detailed design stage we will develop a freezing design that will consider or include:

  • Freezing criteria and freezing objectives that tie into ultimate performance assessment during operations
  • Freeze pipe geometry, sizes, drilling methods, drilling accuracy
  • Brine freezing flow rates and its implication on ground heat transfer
  • Site geology and different freezing rates in different soil / rock types
  • Overall ground heat transfer and freeze plant size requirements
  • Freeze plant coefficient of performance and power consumption rates over time
  • Brine distribution system pumping and power requirements, pipe networks, and insulation
  • Delivery of for construction drawings and tender packages
  • Ground freezing monitoring requirements (in ground and mechanical) so that a complete understanding of performance and updated predictive capacity are achieved
  • Recommendations for system operations and staffing
  • Recommendations for system shut down, thawing and abandonment


Typical Freeze Head Configuration
Cross Passage 3D   Cross Passage Sections 2D
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