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Newmans Geotechnique Inc. (NGI)

Current Projects

Consultant to Arctic Foundations

Freeze consultant on ground freezing projects using thermosyphon technology.

Freezing Consultant - Rabbit Lake Mine

Part of the design team considering forced thawing and consolidation of partially frozen tailings in pit.

Freezing Consultant - Cameco Corporation

Consultant on numerous Cameco shaft and ore freezing projects and feasibility studies.

Consultant to CVG Exploration

Responsible for field performance monitoring and construction consulation on a bulk ore sample freeze drift in alluvial deposits overlaying bedrock.

Ground freezing consultant for two 1100m deep BHP Billiton Jansen Potash Mine Shafts

Responsible for detailed shaft freezing design, geothermal and mechanical systems and overseeing implementation of freezing related QA/QC.

Ground freezing consultant for 480m Cigar Lake Mine #2 Shaft Sinking

Responsible for detailed freeze design, concurrent forced thawing, and performance monitoring at the Cigar Lake Uranium Mine, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Ground freezing consultant for three proposed 680m Uranium Mine Shafts

Responsible for feasibility, shaft freezing design and implementation. Also part of the shaft liner design and constructability team.

Technical advisor, Giant Mine Remediation Project, Yellowknife

Part of the ground freezing technical advisory committee overseeing the remediation of underground stopes filled with arsenic trioxide using ground freezing for water control.