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Newmans Geotechnique Inc. (NGI)

Good Design Practice

NGI focuses on project design, development and implementation from the owners perspective.  We understand that owners and stakeholders have a right to know what technology is needed and why it is needed.  We take the time to educate the clients oversight team regarding the science of ground freezing, where the risks exist, what can be done to minimize risk and how the system is expected to behave under normal and upset conditions.

We will design a system that meets your needs. If possible and desired, we can design a system that can be integrated into post-freezing site systems.  For example, instead of pipe abandonment at the end of the project, we can re-use ground freeze pipes as part of a geothermal heating system. 

We encourage the use of modular freeze plants that arrive on site ready to use in the short term or as part of multi-year freeze projects.  Modular does not have to mean temporary.  There are significant cost and time savings if a large freeze plant building does not need to be constructed to house the equipment and then dismantled afterwards.