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Newmans Geotechnique Inc. (NGI)

About Our Company

Newmans GeotechniqueA large portion of our consulting work is focused on geothermal engineering, however we have also been involved in shaft liner designs, designing mechanical systems for artificial ground freezing systems and providing geotechnical evaluation of geology in support of shaft sinking.

We do a significant amount of work related to artificial ground freezing as a means of water control for production mining and shaft sinking.

NGI is involved with tailings management in permafrost regions where consolidation under freezing conditions poses a technical challenge. We are also involved in civil tunneling projects that utilize ground freezing for water control and stability.

Our engineers have spent 20 years working in industry and academia and have filled their toolboxes with unique skills and experiences. In 2008 NGI was started as a specialty engineering consulting company with a primary focus on geothermal systems. Our objective is to work together with clients and associates as part of an effective team to bring innovative solutions to unique and challenging projects.

Our company has Permission to Consult Engineering as granted by the Association of Professional Engineers, and Geologists of Saskatchewan (APEGS).

We are pleased to live and work in the beautiful city of Saskatoon, SK.

Key Personnel

Greg Newman, B.Eng (Mech), M.Sc. (Geotech) P.Eng (SK)

Greg has been involved with the design and implementation of artificial ground freezing systems since the early 90's.  At this time he lead the team that designed, developed, and implemented a system to drill and ground freeze an ore-body at Cameco's flagship McArthur River Mine.  In recognition for his work, Greg received Cameco's first outstanding achievement award for his design of a blow out prevention system for drilling freeze holes in unconsolidated ground, fractured rock, and squeezing clays.

Since then, Greg's ability to understand and deal with complex ground freezing processes and support his designs with state of the art numerical techniques has made NGI a unique company which is highly sought after by clients around the world. 


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